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Exploration for Buried Deposits

In collaboration with global companies, we offer a wide range of analytical methods based on organic and inorganic parameters, esp. the powerful technique of SGH (= Spatiotemporal Hydrocarbons), to explore for buried mineral deposits at depth SGH is a proven innovation to look for mineralization under a wide variety of cover. It is an organic-based nano-technology that has been used successfully in over 1,100 surveys. SGH is a dual-purpose geochemistry as it identifies and locates targets at depth as a vertical projection and has been used to successfully discover new previously un-drilled mineral deposits. SGH has been shown to be very robust to the use of different sample types even “within” the same survey or transect. This capability has been vital to the successful use of SGH in areas of difficult terrain. This enables the interpretation of a regular grid or set of transects as samples do not have to be missed due to the different sample types encountered.

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